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...uniting with all Ukrainians because they understand what it's like to lose their habitat.

Limited edition of 50 hand-knit octopuses with Ukrainian flags by Zara

Adopt an octopus with a £20 donation or more - funds being raised for medical supplies and fuel to get supplies to Ukraine through Logistics Aid.
Click on the button below for our Paypal fundraiser.

We call them the "Octopus Army", because all the money we raise from adopting an octopus will be immediately sent to support humanitarian efforts in the Ukraine. $250 has been raised so far for UNITED24 ( President Zelenskyy's official fund to help Ukraine with humanitarian & medical aid this winter.

U24 donation.jpeg

Ukraine is still in great need of support, and the rest of this loveable family of Octopuses need a home. Make a donation of £20 via Paypal (or £5 more if overseas for postage) towards The British Red Cross' humanitarian efforts in the Ukraine, and receive a mini-knitted octopus + adoption certificate as a cuddly token of appreciation! 

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